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my favorite latino males » Aarón Díaz

Actor. Singer. Model. Father. Age 32. Born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on March 7th 1982. Speaks both Spanish and English.

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A Vampire’s Trap // Evelyn and Mercy


Cristian grinned seeing how Eve  was in so much joy. Could he perhaps push the thought of them moving any further?   “Hunters? Ah darling, I have slaughtered many hunters through out the yeas. One hunter won’t chance a thing. You’re in perfectly safety around me, I will protect and fight for you."  And kill for that matter, if needed he would even finish of his own friends.  

Moving to Paris? Why yes my darling, Paris would be perfect hmm? Though it might not be my homeland, I would long to return back to France again. I have been there a few times, it’s where I ran into Silvano after all. ” And where he had made enough victims. Golden ages if we speak.  And he had enjoyed every but of it. 

" What do you say my dear?  Wouldn’t you love to live there?  You would fit in so well…

For whatever  good reason Mercy felt something withing her changing, perhaps it was the feeling of craving him. The feeling that she had carried for so long now. And it didn’t quite help that he had started to gently touch her cheek.   ” And I have dreamed about you, every single night… ” The slayer hummed while glaring deeply into his eyes.  Her fingers reaching out for his back before slowly moving down to his middle. 

I dreamed about everything about you— “ 

One moment she paused, wondering whether she should carry on with this. She as no other knew how wild vampires could get after all. But she had resisted him for so long now and god knows what Eve and her lover had done when Mercy had been not around.   “Why can’t I stop myself from craving you? It feels as if my heart is on fire. What have you done to me?”   

Before she would allow him to answer that, she started to kiss him a bit more rougher than before. Soon enough that kiss turned into an actual French kiss while she kept him close.  

"…Alright, love. I trust you. I just want to make sure that nothing will ever come between us becuause I don’t think I could bear to lose you." She bit her lip, gently touching his face as she stared into his eyes. There was no question— Evelyn was in love with him. She wanted to spend the rest of eternity with him, no matter the cost. The little voice that created an unsettling feeling in the back of her mind was beginning to fade. She was beginning to lose herself to Cristian’s trance. It wouldn’t be long until she was completely under her future sire’s control.

"I would love Paris… I bet it’s absolutely gorgeous and oh my God, not to mention the fashion…" She let out a soft gasp. "I’m so excited!" She giggled, wrapping her arms around Cristian’s neck as she pulled herself closer to him. "I can’t wait."

Silvano reached out slowly to gently stroke her cheek. Everything about her was so beautiful, incredibly stunning. She was just as beautiful as he had remembered her to be. There wasn’t a single flaw in his eyes. “You are my everything, my love… I’ve longed for you for centuries, and even now I can’t believe how truly lucky I was to find you once again. Maybe I’m not damned after all, for I have been blessed to have you as a second chance… Maybe there is a God.” He chuckled, pushing a strand of hair from her face. “It doesn’t matter to me, I’m just glad to have you back.”

His eyes widened in surprise when she initiated the kiss, but he continued to kiss her, all the while letting his hand roam down her side. Finally, he pulled away and stared into her eyes. “I haven’t done anything, I swear to you… I would never put you under a trance as Cristian has to your friend. It’s simply our bond from centuries ago. You can feel it just as I can. A love like ours can’t be destroyed so easily, and you can’t resist it. Trust me, I tried… I truly did, but I could never get the image of you from my mind. As I said, you truly are my everything.”




Vera began to blush at the female compliment; compliments weren’t naturally rare since she was a burlesque performer, but it was nice to have a compliment outside of work. “Thank you, pumpkin! And hell yes! The lower the price the better.” She gives her a friendly wink before motioning with her head for the female to follow her, “Are you sure I am not keeping you from anything you were doing previously?”

Evelyn smiled warmly, “You’re very welcome, love. I wish I had those curves. I’d be on point.” She’d been meaning to find new places to shop. It was always a neverending task to find the hottest outfits for the cheapest prices. “No, not at all!” She grinned, “I was actually on my way to go shopping too. You mind if I join you?”


"Really?" Her own eyes were wide with surprise. "I’m surprised people don’t come up to you in the street telling you how beautiful you are or confessing their dying love for you." Georgie couldn’t help but chuckle at what she said. "I’ve been told.." She teased with a wink. "You’ll have to show me sometime..I’d like to see what spell you put them under. I could use a few tips."


"Oh, I wish…" Her cheeks darkened to a reddish hue as she shook her head. "We’ll see what happens." She winked, "But in the meantime, we can work on getting a guy to do that for you. With how beautiful you are, I bet we can do that easily." It’d be fun to show Georgie how to own her beauty when it came to men. She obviously had the looks, she just had to boost her confidence.

Beauty Has Her Way: Eve and Michael


Sam turns back to face Jeremy. His eyes squinted and he presses his lips together. Feels like he is being picked on for no reason and if Mike could stand up to him then so could he. “Look Pal, you don’t know me enough to judge me, okay. I’m ballsy enough for Valerie so that’s all that matters. She may even love my balls.”

Michael has to stop his little brother before he makes a complete fool of himself. He laughs nervously as he grabs Sam by his shoulders and pulls him away. Forcing him to walk away from Jeremy.

Jeremy raised a brow, sliding his hands into his pockets. After Michael let it be known that he wasn’t going to take any shit from him, it seemed like now Sam thought he could stand up to him too. He didn’t mind it all too much though. At least it proved that he had a backbone. After Sam’s remark, he wanted to retort but he was just too taken aback to do so. He cringed at the mental image of his sister and Sam, shutting his eyes. “Man, that’s gross.”

Watching Sam and Michael walk off, he chuckled, shaking his head. “They’re not too bad, I guess…”

Evelyn and Valerie sat at the table,saying goodbye to their parents when they noticed Michael and Sam walk in. “Hey, come sit. We’re gonna order some pizza. My parents are heading out to a hotel since they don’t wanna impose. I already told them that it was fine, but they insisted…” She shrugged. “OH… You’re not… allergic, are you?” She bit her lip.

Prom Queen vs Vampire Queen


There is nothing to discuss because you are not going to turn me. I don’t long to become a vampire, can’t you get that through?  It is already one thing that you are forcing me to come with you and are treating to murder everyone in here if you are not pleased."  The girl spat angered. Queen or not, Mercy was not going to accept it. 

But if the queen wanted her, Mercy would make sure that Evelyn would get to know her bad and flawed sides as well. ” I hope you are pleased now, you managed to to run this night me. I just longed for one night that did not include any of your kind or anything related to your kind. And yet you had to waltz in and demand me to give up all in order to have it your way. You bet that I want to sleep into a different room because I am not going to share anything with you. ”   

"We’ll see about that, my dear." Evelyn smirked to herself. It was obvious that the vampire queen couldn’t resist the slayer’s scent and she knew that her blood would be even harder to resist. It would’ve been much easier for Mercy to just submit to her, but she knew it wouldn’t be that easy. The slayer was stubborn, and a part of her liked that feisty nature. On the other hand, her patience was wearing thin. "I told you, I always get what I want… And I’m going to have you."

Evelyn rolled her eyes, waving her hand dismissively. “Oh, please… Why be a prom queen at some stupid school function when you can be a real queen for all eternity? You can’t deny that you crave that power, that attention… You want to be adored by all, don’t you? You’re not so different from me, and that’s what bothers you… You’re afraid to give in to that, but I can assure you have nothing to fear.” She held her hand out to her. “Now… Come with me.”

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Nightmare Underneath Paris.


In agony Mercy glared at the vampire and its silent victim,  as it seemed as if the life was slowly starting to fade out of her eyes. Which was actually the case considering the more blood he would drank the bigger the risk became. 

I won’t let you do that."  Mercy declared, now taken a more violent approach as she reached out, a broken bottle in her hand. Despite the influence of the many drinks that she had,  she decided that this had to stop now.  

Without doubt she sliced his side open, a reaction that caused him to let go of his victim and to grab his bleeding side. Of course he would later use this against her but that was for then to come. 

Evelyn, grab the girl! I will break the door open! We should not part now considering that we are in some sort of maze.

Evelyn winced at the sight of the vampire draining the life out of the poor girl. They didn’t have much time and they needed to act fast. “No!” She glared, clenching her stake tightly. She was just about ready to plunge the damn thing into the vampire’s chest with all the force she had for even stooping as low as holding an innocent girl as a hostage. She’d make him pay for that one way or another.

When Mercy acted and managed to injure the vampire, Evelyn took the opportunity to spring into action and grab the young woman. “You’ll be okay…” Evelyn frowned, glancing down at the girl as she wrapped her arm around her shoulders to help keep her standing. “Alright Mercy! Get going cuz they’re on our asses!”

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Lovers at midnight.

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A chuckle came from the vampire.

"It’s just a natural ability of mine. Want me to do it again?" 

"That’s so cool… I can’t change into one myself, so I must say yes! I’m definitely interested to see how you do it." She cocked her head to the side. 



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Phoebe Tonkin + spoon trick

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Name: Angelica 

Ringtone: Problem (Willy Moon/Angel Haze Remix)

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