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Diamond in the Rough || Evelyn and Cristián


He’d been struck, nicked in the side by a spear as he’d come in through a window, and the wrong window at that.  ”Mierda… "  Cristian hobbled through the palace, ducking in the shadows, clutching the torn and stained cloth of his tunic. The warm liquid seeped through his fingers, leaving behind a trail where guards would surely follow. It was hard enough ducking, diving and keeping out of sight with just one hand, but now both hands tightly grasped the bleeding wound, there was not much else he could do but somehow find a good place to stay hidden.

Chris eventually found himself looking down the long dark stretch of a hallway, a door at the very end of it staring back at him. it was the only place left he could go, if he hid in there and waited until morning he’d have a better chance of escape. For weeks Chris has scouted the area, examined every possible exit he could take and if he was correct this one room faced the west side of the land, there was river just below this room that he could land in. It wasn’t the firs time he’d done it, he could also say he’d had far far worse injuries before and escaped without an issue.  

He entered the room, shut the door softly behind him and hid by the window, shrouded by the curtains. He held his breath, keeping them short and as soft as he could. Sweet scents emitted from all around him, the curtains themselves were a soft color, lavished with beautiful decor and when he found it in him to peek around the curtain he saw more stuff. 

This was definitely a woman’s room. So where was the woman? He got brave enough to look around a little more, casually running his eyes over every single thing that took a place in this room. It dawned on him shortly after he found jewelry on a vanity, this wasn’t just a woman’s room, this was a princesses room. 
”...Que Dios me ayude  .. . what have I gotten myself into?” He hissed. 

Evelyn found herself lost in a daze, no longer thinking about the burdens she held so heavily on her shoulders. She was slowly drifting off to sleep, hoping that her dreams could provide some kind of an escape from the fears and stresses that lurked in the back of her mind.

In due time, she welcomed a heavy slumber and had fallen sound asleep. While the princess rested, it would never show just how stressed and fearful she was of her duties. One would think she would toss and turn or perhaps mumble in her sleep from the thoughts that seemed almost inescapable, but there she lie, peaceful as though she hadn’t a care in the world.

Evelyn’s chest rose and fell softly like waves gently washing up against the shore. The faint beams of moonlight shone through her balcony, washing over her skin. The young princess was truly stunning, practically glowing even while being in a deep sleep. It was no wonder she had so many suitors, though none had managed to win her heart.

High School AU || Evelyn and Georgie


Georgie smirked as she wiggled her eyebrows. “Aw! Does someone have a crush on a junior?” She teased, nudging Evelyn playfully. “You’d probably too busy imagining things in that little head of yours..But if you really need help, I’ll tutor you. At least then you’d be able to concentrate.” She snickered to herself. “Hopefully..I think we have the same one? If so then I’m sure she doesn’t like me..”

She laughed, a grin appearing on her face. “We have to look the best. Which won’t be too hard…We have great fashion sense..well you do anyway and seeing as you said you’d help me..I have nothing to worry about.” Georgie smirked and cocked her head to the side. “I know..But that means I can finally make my move on him..”

"No, no! But you can’t expect me to act normally around any hot guys. I just trip up and act like an idiot. It’s shameful, really." She whined, shaking her head. "I wouldn’t mind you tutoring me. You’re probably right. I’d have more of a chance of focusing and learning something, rather than focusing on my tutor’s gorgeous green eyes.” She shrugged, pursing her lips. “Maybe…”

"Tell me about it. This’ll be a piece of cake once we get those knockout dresses. All eyes will be on us, I can guarantee that." She flipped her hair over her shoulder, a confident smirk spreading across her lips. "Ooh, look at you lil’ miss… Knock em dead."

Prom Queen vs Vampire Queen


For a moment the girl remained in silence, unsure whether this would benefit her or her friends at any case. After all, how could she be sure that Eve would keep her words? She had made it clear that she was willing to go far if needed, and since Mercy had done a great job on angering the queen, she wondered whether Evelyn would even call back for her servants.  ” I suppose so, if it means you will leave them alone then I shall come with you without any struggles. That, however, doesn’t include that I will agree on your part of turning me. ” The girl announced.  

Oh yes, she would come along and be sure to have Evelyn regret this deed. Ruining such a memorial night for the girl, how dared she? Queen or no queen,  Mercy was not going forget about how the other had endangered everyone’s life in here. 

No don’t go with that woman! She is straight up a lunatic!" The date now protested before getting closer towards Mercy. Of course he would not just allow Mercy to  wander off with the vampire, surely not after hearing her earlier dreadful plans. 

"Good… I’ve had just about enough of this little game of the runaround, okay love? So no more fighting me, no more resisting. We’re going back to the manor, and we’ll forget all about this mess, alright?" A dark smirk spread across the vampire queen’s lips. She had every intent of keeping her word, but she wouldn’t hesitate to kill the slayer’s friends if she had to. "We’ll discuss the matters of turning you another day…" She muttered, narrowing her eyes.

She wasn’t too happy about the choices Mercy had made, but she was more than willing to put everything behind them if she complied with her demands.

"I would keep quiet if I were you…" She growled, shifting her piercing gaze over to Mercy’s date. "…It’d be such a shame if something were to happen to you on such a special and memorable night, don’t you think…?"

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Nightmare Underneath Paris.


Unlike her friend, Mercy didn’t seem to be having the slightest clue on what she was doing. Let along that she even questioned the things that she was shouting out loud. It was no wonder that Eve had mixed feelings about this night, and obvious didn’t seem to be that fond of the knowledge that she had to baby sit her younger friend now.  ” Is there wine as well?  I am really thirsty and Evelyn won’t let me drink anything but water!

Without a second thought Mercy already seemed to be getting comfortable with the man that was leading her to the more private zone of the party. And of course were the other two men having all their attention on Evelyn, just as if they never had seen a woman in their entire lives.  

This place is way prettier than the party itself!" The girl stated as soon she entered the, what eyed to be, a lounge filled with such a lively and well looking crowd. It surprised how they had manage to gather up all these things down here. Though for some reason it seemed as if the furniture had been here for already a long time, which was strange since earlier she had heard a few people in the line up mention that they would never stick to the same party location. 

Both of you, are so pretty. It such a pleasure to have you both here, please take a sit while I will get something to drink for you both." The host said as he practically placed the intoxicated girl down  to sit.   " Something strong for my friend please! She’s in need of it!

It was obvious that Mercy was way too far gone to have any real sense of what the hell was going on. There was no way she’d be able to enjoy the evening with her friend in such an inebriated state, though she was beginning to get the feeling that she would’ve been on edge even if her friend was sober. Something about partying in the catacombs of Paris didn’t quite sit right with her. She just wished Mercy had thought the same way she had. Why had she agreed to come to such a creepy place in the first place? Gorgeous guys or not, it didn’t make going down into the catacombs any more appealing.

Evelyn shot both men a piercing and cold stare, letting it be known that she meant business. If they tried anything at all, she’d be ready to put them in their place.

Evelyn kept close to Mercy, just to make sure the young man didn’t try anything with her. She couldn’t deny that the place was beautiful, but she wasn’t about to get distracted by the gorgeous display. “No thank you, dear… I’m not in the mood to drink tonight. I think I’d rather just take in everything I’m seeing.” She said softly.

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"It’s a story for another time. A very painful and long story involving my brother and a few members of my pack." Georgie pulled at her face at the memory. She nodded though, a small grin appearing on her lips. "It sure is, sweetie!"

She tapped her fingers against the gate, her eyes locked on Evelyn. “Some vampires think they rule the land they walk on because of how old they are. It’s beyond annoying. I’m so glad you’re not like that…Quick question if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?” Georgie asked. “Really? I’m glad..I wouldn’t want you fighting whoever it is alone. Okay, okay. I promise I will be careful..But I won’t be holding back at all. —- It’s a he? Interesting…It’s definitely going to be fun.”


"Sounds like a hell of a story, I’ll tell you that much." She said softly, giggling to herself. "I’ll definitely have to hear that one over a glass of wine. Er—- Or maybe just some ice cream." She chuckled, realizing her friend was still a bit too young to be drinking wine.

"Tell me about it…" The vampire growled low in her throat. Just thinking about her current predicament was enough to make her stomach turn. She couldn’t stand the man who had caused her and her sire so much pain, and she longed to end his life once and for all. "Oh! It’s no problem at all, love… The good thing about being immortal is that I don’t have to lie about my age. I’ll look good no matter what age I am." She joked, grinning wide. "But honestly, I’m twenty-five… That’s my real age. I was turned into a vampire about two years ago. It hasn’t been easy and I’m not too crazy about killing people… I’ll do it if I absolutely have to, and even then I’m kinda picky on who I kill. People have families, loved ones… I can’t just erase that." She trailed off, lightly shrugging a shoulder. "But I do appreciate the help, Georgie. It’s hard to deal with this sometimes, but I know my friends have my back." She smiled warmly at her. "Ugh… Yes, it’s my sire’s father. Talk about monster-in-law, huh?" 

|| Evelyn and Elana


Her movements, while relaxed, were careful. She was always careful. Especially these days when she didn’t necessarily have anyone but herself to rely on. Making her way through the crowd, slipping and weaving in and around people in a manner that surprised them, especially when she was much shorter than most of them, so they had to glance down to see her as she hurried along. She just wanted to make her way back to her hiding hole, the little motel room that she’d made her temporary home. Get some bad Chinese food and watch some B-rated movie until she passed out, or until she got too restless to sit there and took off to find some place to shift and run. Either worked.

The voice caught her off guard, and she turned, giving a small tilt of her head as she studied the other. The scent was one that had her almost taking a step backwards, just barely managing to keep herself from doing so. She’d stopped for a moment, to look around, to take everything in, and had definitely not expected anyone to approach her. Especially not a vampire. Giving a small twitch of her nose, Elana let her lips curl into something as close to an easy smile as she could manage,”Hello, yourself.”She responded, giving a very small nod of her head,”Wasn’t prepared for anyone to come talk to me tonight.”

It never failed. Somehow she always managed to spot an unfamiliar face or sniff out another supernatural being passing by while she attempted to feed. She didn’t mind all too much, considering her curiosity always managed to overpower her annoyance or hunger. Perhaps that curiosity was in her nature and it couldn’t quite be helped, but she was drawn to other supernatural beings like a moth to a flame. She wasn’t quick to judge or threaten them, knowing very well there could’ve been the possibility that they were like her— Thrown into a situation that was beyond their control.

"Sorry to take you by surprise by that, miss… But I couldn’t help but notice you in the sea of people here." She chuckled softly, trying her best to sound as pleasant and friendly as possible. "I don’t mean any harm. I was just curious what a werewolf was doing in a vampire dominated territory. Some of the other vampires aren’t as friendly, so I figured I’d approach you peacefully to avoid any kind of trouble." She didn’t mean to be so blunt, but she truly wanted to spare the woman the trouble of having any kind of conflict with other vampires around the area who would much rather kill first and ask questions later.

A Vampire’s Trap // Evelyn and Mercy


Teasingly he broke the kiss, his lips parting from his before he took a step back. Surely he enjoyed that she had no trouble with his rather rough approach, though as much he longed to tear into her, he kept some of his self control.  ”You’re rather eager when it comes to kissing, that’s good, I like that.  However we should not get too carried away. Especially not in the middle of the living room. " He explained himself, as if he cared for expressing himself or showing affection for another. Frankly did he care for whether his friend or the childish girl would enter.  

Besides, you reward should be a little bit more special than just some simple kisses, don’t you agree? If you would like, we could go out tonight, venture through the city…" And most important keep Eve and Mercy separated from each other.  His intentions might be focused on Eve, however, he would find a way to benefit it form himself.  "Unless you are tired of course, which could be understandable after the struggle of earlier. “ 

Mercy’s expression remained mournful, if not a but desperate. The amount of guilt she felt was unbearable. How was her friend not consumed by it? Mercy had not forgotten about how Eve’s family had approached her as well, asking and begging for answers. Answers that Mercy obvious could not provide.  And yet it seemed that her friend only cared for her so called vampire lover.  But to point all the guilt on Eve now was perhaps not fair as Mercy herself wasn’t quite doing the ‘right’.  ”Do you think I would lie to you? I am telling the truth,  there was not one moment where you were not around in my mind.  Whether it was positive or negative, you were just there and it honestly left me clueless, empty and unsatisfied.  ”   She admitted. 

Perhaps there was always a part of me that wished to return, and that took Eve’s cry out for help serious in order to abuse the excuse and to return here. I’m not pleased with how it went, however,  I don’t enjoy it the slightest if people trick me.”  Yet she was well aware that it had not been his plan, and that from his point of view it probably was some desperate attempt in order to get her back.  

I will stay, I will even love you and crave for you… however, you should not try to turn me into one of your kind, understood?

"Well if I’m kissing you, how can you expect me to be on my best behavior?" A small smirk spread across her lips, staring up at the vampire. She began to pout when he pulled away from her. "I don’t care where we are love.. I want to be with you and I’m not ashamed of that. I don’t think I’ll ever be." She grinned wide, licking her lips softly. She craved Cristian in every way imaginable, and she longed for the moment when he’d join them together forever. She couldn’t wait a moment longer. Despite the fear of the pain she’d feel of the bite and losing her human life, it’d be well worth it once she joined her lover for the rest of eternity. It’d be complete bliss.

"I’d love that… I want to see everything and go everywhere with you. I’d run to the end of the world with you, no questions asked." She whispered, staring up at her lover in admiration. "When do you want to leave, love…?"

Silvano knew of the weight the slayer had placed on her shoulders. It wasn’t fair to her, even despite his desires for her to remain by his side. Even if she hadn’t remained with him, he still wanted her to live a long and fulfilling life— One he knew she wouldn’t be able to live if she continued slaying. She’d be putting herself at risk too much, and even ran the risk of putting her loved ones in danger. “I know, my love…. I know. I’m sorry for making things worse. I should’ve understand the obligations you had to those back at home… I just… I don’t want you to lose your life to one of those monsters out there. Other vampires have lost themselves to blood lust and other selfish desires, and just the thought of you coming face to face with one of them just… terrifies me.”

"I’ll do whatever you ask, my love. If you don’t wish for me to change you, then I won’t…" He said softly. He’d give her time to make the decision on her own. Hopefully if she loved him enough in the future, she’d make the choice to join him in eternal life.

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"Well perhaps that day will come, sometime in the future I hope,"She replied with a grin. Rebekah missed it when it was like this. People cowering in fear when they heard the name Mikaelson, when people had so much respect for her and her family. “I go to great lengths to mantain it, I’m glad you noticed. You look absolutely pretty with your thick black hair, perhaps you could dye the ends blonde,”She suggested.


"I hope so too." Admittedly, Evelyn felt pretty starstruck to meet such a well respected and well known vampire. Even if she wasn’t all too fond of being a vampire herself, she knew very well to show respect and credit where it was due. "I can imagine… It looks like you have thick hair like me. It’s a real pain to maintain, but totally worth it." She smiled, playing with the ends of her hair. "Thank you… You really think so? I’ve had it black for so long, I didn’t consider all the possibilities I could possibly do with my hair." 

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Snake’s dinner || Evelyn and Poison


"They do, yes. I was locked up for them already. Wasn’t really nice." She shook her head as she said that in a bitter voice that she tried to hid with sarcasm. "I believe in the circle of life, survival of the fittest. I think, in the world we live, full of mutants and beings, such as yourself, humans won’t find their place for much longer. You might want to think of a new diet."

Her eyes were fixed on the serpentina, her lips ever so slightly curved. “I don’t eat them, you know. I only play with them for a while and kill them.” She said while the myth like creature fed, not really sure if she’s listening or not. She found it rather interesting, the way she feasted, much like watching a real snake eat its prey. 

"When you’re finished, may I take a good look at you? I think a creature like you could be studied. And don’t think I’m a scientist. Think of me as some sort of a witch."

"Ugh…" She scoffed, making a look of disgust. "Humans can be so manipulative and sneaky… They wish they could master it as we have.” She sneered. “You know, I’ve thought of that before, and I think you’re right. But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy doing my part to pick away at pathetic little humans one by one…” She licked her lips hungrily, savoring the taste of the first bite she had taken from her prey.

It wasn’t long until her venom had taken its effect on her prey and the screaming had ceased. “It’s about time… I thought he’d never shut up.” She turned her attention to the other woman, grinning wide. “Ah, you’re missing out my dear… There’s just something so satisfying and delicious about feeding on a creature that was overcome with an overwhelming sense of fear… A fear you created.” She bit down once more, her jaw unhinging to rip off a larger chunk of the man’s arm. It wasn’t long until she had swallowed the limb with ease.

"Of course, dear…" She wiped the blood and meat that dribbled down her chin. Glancing down at her hand, she eagerly sucked on her fingers to savor the sweet taste of her victim’s remains. "I trust you."

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Always one for a good old-fashioned compliment, a smug little smile came over his lips. “They are one of my favorite pairs.”


"I can see why… If you don’t mind me asking, where’d you get them? I’m always looking for new places to shop for shoes… I can’t get enough of them." 

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Beauty Has Her Way: Eve and Michael


Michael and Sam exchange a look. Both start to laugh nervously as they know they can’t be a hundred percent truthful with this kid. No matter what he asks the truth will be stretched. Michael sighs while scratching his head and looking around the room. “I met Eve during one of her shows.” A simple answer.

"Val at a comic shop." Sam smiles.

Just by the look on Jeremy’s face, you can tell he isn’t to sure. Kid is a hard ass and will do anything to protect his two sisters. Could he really be blamed? If he only knew about the mess they were involved with.

"What exactly has Eve said about me to you?" Michael asks.

Jeremy furrowed his brow, staring at the two for what felt like forever. He was watching them like a hawk, clearly intent on getting the dirt on whatever he could possibly dig up on them. If he found the slightest issue with either of them, he’d be sure to make their lives a living hell. He wasn’t about to let his sisters run around with guys who didn’t deserve them. Oh, no… Not on his watch.

"Eve says you’re a nice guy, but I just wanted to see for myself… That isn’t a crime, is it?" He continued on, still circling them like a vulture. "You haven’t made it with Eve, have you?"


Got that fishnet love 💕 socks and shoes @publicdesire


Got that fishnet love 💕 socks and shoes @publicdesire

teamdavid said: I love that movie and I can see her being Mavis. Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh. ;D

AHHHH ME TOO! She’d be so cute. x3 Asdfdfg and if she had a Johnny Stein~ -explode-

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