Send me a ship; Ultimate Edition


  • Who was the one to propose:
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:
  • Who decorated the house:
  • Who does the cooking:
  • Who is more organized:
  • Who initiates bedroom fun:
  • Who suggested kids first:
  • Who’s more dominant:
  • Who’s the cuddler: 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 
  • Who cooks: 
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:
  • Who kills the spiders: 
  • Who falls asleep first: 
  • A head canon: 
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 
  • Do they have any “rituals”?
  • Who is louder?
  • Who is more experimental?
  • Who takes more risks?
  • Do they fuck or make love?
  • Lights on or off?
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?
  • Who comes first?
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?
  • Who is more submissive?
  • Who usually initiates things?
  • Who is more sensitive?
  • Who has the most patience?
  • Which kinks do they share?

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High School AU || Evelyn and Georgie


"With some practice, you’ll be fine around any hot guy..But it may take a little time. We can try it out at the party." Georgie nodded, a smirk playing on her own lips. "I think I might..It’ll look good on my report card at the end of the semester."

The brunette grinned before planting a kiss on Evelyn’s forehead. “You’re the best. Seriously, if it wasn’t for you I’d be lost. Thanks for everything.” She said softly then rolled her eyes. “Oh come on, Evie! You’re like a…goddess and I’m a…I don’t know what I am but I’m nothing compared to you. Trust me.” Georgie rambled on, a frown appearing on her face.

"I think I might…But if it goes wrong then I’m never going to live it down." She laughed to herself. "Can we make a quick stop at the food caught in there before we do some real shopping though? I’m craving Taco Bell.."

"Yeah, we’ll see…" She smirked. "I just need to brush up on my own charms and skills and I should be fine, right?" She teased. "That’s a good point. It’s our last year so that’ll be a nice way to pack a punch in your high school transcripts for college." Thinking about applying for college was already making her head spin and her stomach turn, so she quickly changed the subject. Thankfully the party was the hot topic around school.

A warm smile spread across Evelyn’s lips as she felt Georgie kiss her forehead. Her cheeks flushed slightly, though she didn’t know why the gesture had made her so jittery. The two had always been this affectionate with one another but it had never really meant anything… Did it? “Oh hush, that’s not true at all! You’re a goddess too, in every sense of the word. You just don’t know it.” She winked, “It’s my job to bring that goddess out, and trust me… I will! You’re already gorgeous naturally so with some makeup and the right dress… Psh, all eyes will be on you.” She had no idea what Georgie was talking about. In her eyes, she thought she was absolutely stunning. Sure, Evelyn knew she was beautiful, but she always thought Georgie was just as beautiful, if not more.

"If it goes wrong, you always have me to cushion the fall. I’ll kick his ass or something." She joked. "Sure! Taco Bell sounds delicious." She licked her lips hungrily. "We wouldn’t want to drop before we get the chance to shop."

|| Evelyn and Elana


Elana had kept her eyes on the other, taking her in, sizing her up, though at this point nothing about this girl led her to believe she was a threat. Not any more than Elana might have been to her. It was all precaution though, she couldn’t help it, even if she knew there was no need for that right now, not really.

A smile of her own crossed her features after a moment, though that didn’t stay in place, glancing down as the other woman spoke, Elana gave a solid nod of her head,”Yeah, I know that.”She paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly,”I doubt anyone is following me though, really, nobody wins if they do.”She looked up again, giving a small shrug of her shoulders,”These wolves, they’re my old pack, you see.”She explained quickly,”They couldn’t be trusted, and turned on me, I was excommunicated, essentially, I’m careful, I’m cautious, because it’s a risk, however, I doubt they’d be dumb enough to trail after me into a vampire populated area like this.”Elana let out a small laugh,”Kind of one of the reasons, as reckless as that may seem, that I stopped here.”

Evelyn could see the woman’s gaze was locked on her, though she didn’t see it as much of a threat. She was doing the same, cautiously scanning the woman’s features and studying her body language for any indication of a threat. Thankfully, it seemed as though she was just as cautious and uneasy about the matter as she was. That was a good sign, though she knew that anyone was subject to react out of fear when in unusual surroundings, so she decided to be on guard just in case.

Listening to the she-wolf’s words put the vampiress at ease to some extent. She knew it wasn’t a good idea to let her guard down completely, but it did seem as though she was being sincere in her words. There was really no telling if this pack would follow her or not, but if she was ballsy enough to tread into a mostly vampire populated territory, it was probably for good reason. “I can respect that. I’ll inform the others around here so they don’t give you a hard time, but just be careful okay?” She smiled slightly. “If anyone gives you a hard time, tell them Evelyn gave you the okay.”


"You can have the wine…I’ll stick to the ice cream. I’m not a big fan of wine anyway..Between me and you, I prefer beer." Georgie whispered before winking over at Evelyn.

Her eyes narrowed as she studied the other girl’s body language. The younger girl could tell whoever she was talking about caused her so much distress. “We’ll have to come up with a good plan to catch him when he least expects it…Does he have a clan?” She asked, folding her arms over her chest. Georgie cracked a small smile before she laughed softly. “You’re right there..That’s the good thing about Vampires..With Werewolves it is somewhat different. We do age…Just a little slower than humans. Nothing too noticeable though.” Her eyes widened. “Twenty five? I didn’t even think you were twenty two! Holy sh—Wow..Okay. I’m surprised.” Georgie muttered to herself, shaking her head in disbelief. She nodded, understanding where Evelyn was coming from. The brunette hadn’t killed one innocent person yet..And she planned to keep it that way. “Sire’s father? Does he loath him just as much as you do?”


"I wonder… I bet they have wine flavored ice cream out there somewhere. If they do, one of these days I’ll have to give it a try." She licked her lips just imagining the taste. "I don’t know how good that would be but I’m sure it’d be worth a try." She pursed her lips slightly before smiling wide. "We can try it together." Scrunching her nose a bit, she shook her head. "Not too crazy about beer, if I’m being honest but we all pick our poison right?" She laughed.

"That would be great… He’s caused me and my sire quite a bit of trouble in the past." She muttered, shaking her head. "He doesn’t have a clan just yet, mainly because he’s looking to form one with his son and I. He wants my sire to come back so he can help him expand and form a clan but my sire has no desire at all to return to his father. He hates him for all the pain he’s caused him in the past… He hates him more than I do." She bit her lip, "Yes! I’m twenty five!" She grinned, "I’m flattered that you thought I looked younger. Thank you, love." 


If you find me to be INTIMIDATING in any way, thank you and good bye.
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Beauty Has Her Way: Eve and Michael


"Wow, you really commit don’t you." Michael chuckles to himself. Never thought he would feel intimidation from a kid. Especially after all that he is going through right now. Always room for a few more surprises. "Are you done busting my balls or what? I don’t know what else I can tell you to make you like me and frankly I don’t give a damn if you do or not."

With that said Michael pats Jeremy on the shoulder and walks pass him to the other room where everyone is. Sam smiles awkwardly with his hands in his pockets. Then nods as he follows in his brothers lead…"Uh great talk."

"Duh…" He muttered, crossing his arms. It was obvious that both were intimidated by him, not that he minded. In fact, he kind of enjoyed watching them squirm, but that was just for his own amusement. It wasn’t until Michael retaliated and showed no signs of backing down that he was taken back. He hadn’t expected him to be so ballsy. "…I’m impressed." He grinned, turning to face him. "I didn’t think you had the guts, but you really did…"

He turned to Sam, “You, not so much but I don’t think Valerie wants a ballsy guy anyway.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

Nightmare Underneath Paris.


"Yes that is exactly what I expected the two of you to do.  Why else do you think we tend to lure only females in? " The leader responded while he reached closer towards the two slayers. He wanted to bite at least one of them. Whether it was going to be Eve or Mercy.  

 Mercy however didn’t response, surely she had heard what Eve had told her but for some reason it seemed not to bother her at all. Of course, Mercy wasn’t like Eve. Where Eve probably knew how the world worked, Mercy still wanted to party and celebrate, thinking that she had done enough and should now be allowed to live a normal life.  

But her mood had dropped to something more violent now. Whether it was due the wine or just the frustration, Mercy was not going to hold back now.  ”Wrong again, we’re going to leave and take everyone with us. You can better start telling your coven to move aside or I will do that trick again!

Unfortunately they didn’t seem to take any demands from the girl, instead they decided to make it clear that she was not going to last long while behaving like this. After all one of them forcefully grabbed another brunette and started to feed from her brutally.  

"Hype down or he will drain her." The leader taunted. 

"Don’t count on it, bloodsucker." She spat, glaring at the leader of the vampires. If she wanted to get out of this grave, she’d have to take him out. Otherwise, they’d keep on coming. Either way, she didn’t have any plans on becoming one of the undead all because of a spur of the moment party gone wrong.

Watching one of the other vampires feed on the on the young woman, Evelyn immediately tensed up. She wanted everyone to escape alive, and she wasn’t about to let this bastard get away with killing her or changing the innocent girl into one of them. Killing them would without a doubt change the girl back before she got the chance to transform, but they’d have to act fast. “You bastard… Let the poor girl go. She doesn’t have anything to do with this!” She snapped. “If you want us, come and get us!”

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"Great! For a second, I actually thought you wasn’t going to join me.."


"That’s cute, love. What made you think I’d pass up an opportunity to go shopping with you? That’s like a starving man denying a plate of food." 

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"I know right. Their level of confidence isn’t up to par with ours, and they try to put us down but with absolutely no luck,"She replied, glad that someone understood what it felt like. "Same goes to you sweetheart, you seem very confident and I like that."


"Exactly."A small grin spread across the dark haired vampress’ lips. “People like that aren’t worth our time, so I suppose it doesn’t matter much. Thank you though, that’s quite a compliment coming from someone as lovely as you… Especially with such a reputation. It’s an honor, really.” She bit her lip, raking her fingers through her dark hair. “Oh… I was wondering if perhaps I could ask something? You see, even though I’ve fed many times before, I’m hesitant to feed from humans because I don’t like to kill. I know it seems foolish and weak, but I can only will myself to do it if I’m low on my supply of blood bags or if I see that this person is a cruel human undeserving of living in the first place. I guess I just wanted to ask for advice on the matter. I try to cling to my humanity as much as I can.” 

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Hearing the female question a feeling of relief falls over her body as she brushes some hair behind her ear, “Oh! I got this from this outlet place not too far from here about a wee ago. Never had a chance to wear it until now and than you baby!” She says in her usual friendly tone of voice, “Wanna come with me? I was just on my way there. They always have good stuff.”

"Oh my God, it’s absolutely gorgeous on you. I’d love to see what other things they have there. It’s always nice to get quality stuff for a good price. You’re very welcome, dear.” She grinned, nodding excitedly. “Of course! I never pass up an opportunity to go shopping.”

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Natalia Kills for Swagger New York

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So I ttly added Deanna to my relationships page cuz she perf. <:

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